Add participants and improve the basic meeting procedures to the cards so that everyone understands who is responsible for certain projects and tasks.

Some Things to Know About the Basic Meeting Procedures

Many people are familiar with the feeling of frustration and even irritation that arises after a useless two-hour meeting, during which it was possible to have time to do two or three urgent matters. Organizing and holding productive meetings is an important management issue. Unfortunately, many executives simply do not think about it, although they would probably change their minds if they calculated how much time they and their employees spend attending meetings.

However, this does not mean that meetings should be abandoned. In fact, meetings, if they are effective, can be a place to generate new ideas, develop strategic decisions, can become a locomotive of communication in the organization. Qualitatively organized and conducted meeting allows:

  • promptly solve current problems;
  • motivate staff to implement the plan;
  • gather opinions and test the tasks to be solved;
  • form a team from the team.

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What Is the Order of a Meeting?

A key factor in the success of any meeting is the formation of a clear goal. Meeting organizers need to be well aware of why they are holding it. The “we meet every Thursday” argument is the first step to failure. An e-mail or a phone call may be enough to solve a problem.

The order of the meeting includes 6 basic meeting procedures:

  1. General requirements for a meeting.
  2. Notice and agenda of the meeting.
  3. The role of the meeting chairperson.
  4. Motions and resolutions.
  5. Putting forward and voting on a motion.
  6. Amending a motion or resolution.

At the beginning of the meeting, you can appoint a person in charge of the event, who will record the main points and objectives. Another solution may be working minutes of the meeting. It is expedient to hold the meeting according to the following procedure: the issue is determined, the problem is discussed, the participants are singled out, the participants speak, the moderator summarizes. A decision is made.

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